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What is the purpose of human life ? By Wasi Mian Khan

A brief description of the human life objective

 A glance at the objective of human creation

Why has the human being come to existence,this is the question  I think every individual – irrespective of his / her education, standard of thinking – thinks over at least once in entire life .
If we take into the consideration only the answers human mind tried to substantiate in order to dissolve  this complexity,we find them contradictory,skeptical,disappointed, ambiguous to an extent.
When we turn around,we find every part of nature as self dependent , doesn’t have any requirement of human being for his very existence .
From water to fire,to air,earth, sea, ocean, animals,birds,mountains every thing is just autonomous,independentat least nothing in nature can be attributed as a dependent on human being .

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However, on the other hand we can see the human being dependent on almost everything in the nature,he takes, exploits everything from the nature,and gives back nothing .

This is not a rocket science to perceive this scenario,every human with a brain in his head can easily observe it .
Are we here just to work hard  constantly for finding various ways of making money,putting some food on table?? If yes ! so what distinguishes us from other beings ?and how long a person is going to need this ? 50 -60-70 years ? nothing can assure the extension of life, no one is there to guarantee how much you are going to stay in this world . So what is all this hue and cry about ? and is it right and rational to persecute , curb,oppress others only to achieve these tentative gains,can’t last more than a brief period of time ?

Or we are living to be honored,to get some kind of power,name, fame and reputation?
How long can a person hold the power and dominance, and  relish the fame and prominence once he attained it ?? how much can he Cherish the celebrity and keep the leverage ??
Average human life doesn’t go beyond 65-70,in this short span of time he  normally wields the power or achieves something remarkable, in his mid thirties or forties, which implies that he can only enjoy the influential life just for 20-30 years . then he would end up like his hundred of thousand predecessors ..

What is the wise in shedding the blood of people,exploiting the hapless, depressed, and poor ones, just to be buried, or cremated ??

So what can be the objective human come into existence for ?? and which service he has been assigned to make this world better ,that can earn him long lasting benefits and due rewards?
I think the  human is created for his Lord, for fulfilling the task he has been entrusted with,his life is too precious to be the slave of materials,his devotion, determination,commitment must be for something worthy, his feelings require to be dedicated to  someone greater and Superior than him . Every contingent being is bowed down to human will,he has the potential to yield every creature relinquishing against him . So he is not here to prostrate except the almighty , Superior one, he is sent only to follow the instructions of the omnipotent .

So what are guidelines,commands he has to follow to earn the pleasant of his lord,and what can be the source of getting them ? obviously He needs the messenger of Almighty to fulfill the job, thus the duty of every human becomes  seeking the true messenger,  scrutinizing the evidences presented by someone claiming to be the messenger .

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