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Debunking Atheism and Veganism: Muhammad Umair

Consequences of injustice

We are living in the period of crisis. There is poverty, injustice and oppression all around. The abyss of inequality between poor and rich is getting deeper everyday. The modern unjust system has made the people rebel subconsciously in one way or other. This unjust system has posed several restrictions on human beings, due to these unrighteous shackles, common people feel imprisoned and thus show rebellious behaviour. Due to this rebel nature, people are making their way without pondering much. They often want to look different from others. They try to leave all traditional values. They even mock religion and call it a thing of ignorant past. They don’t leave any chance of criticising religion. But the courageous thing is not to carried away by the waves of affliction. These oppressions should not make us biased. We will not reach the truth if we keep bias against religion. There is no hesitation in conceding that many people have deceived the gullible folks in the name of religion. They use religion as a tool to accumulate wealth and to subjugate them. But that doesn’t prove that the God’s true religion is inherently corrupt. We need to differentiate between the true religion of God and the corrupted manmade religion, we should think deeply and earnestly about it.

‌There are several other things which have been so established and prevalent in the human history that nobody can deny. Meat eating is one of those which human beings are habitual of since their creation. Nowadays being a vegan has also become a fashion along with atheism. We need to seriously look into these things that whether we have adopted them after pondering and contemplating about their all aspects or we are just going with the tides.


Types of arguments for God’s existence

With the little knowledge and limited observations humans can perceive only a partial truth. Blind person after touching elephant’s ear would draw a conclusion of its fan like appearance. An ant crawling on the piece of paper can’t figure out who is writing. Fish swimming in the deep sea water can’t even think of world without water. These creatures have a limited observation, they live in a specific frame and can’t figure out the chores outside that frame.

Humans being on the highest hierarchy of all creatures are blessed with the intelligence and power of reason. They are blessed with analytical mind, but still they are bounded by this four dimensional spacetime frame. We haven’t observed much of this spacetime let alone the observation beyond it. Earlier people have recognised God by natural argument, that there should be a creator of this colossal marvelous universe. Later on people resort to a philosophical argument as God being a first cause as all things we observed are caused, but it was attacked by critics saying that we can’t generalise things for whole just by observing the part. With the emergence of science in 15th century and later with the support of Newtonian physics people tend to believe that this entire materialistic world could be observed and explained with the direct arguments. That spares no space for religion as it deals with intangible things which needs inferential argument.

But with the advancement of science, when it was discovered that atom is not smallest particle and indivisible rather it is made up of electron, proton and neutrons and then proton and neutron can be broken down to quarks. Matter begins to behave very strangely at subatomic level as famous scientist Neil Bohr once said that, “we must be clear that, when it comes to atom, language can only be used as in poetry”. We encounter the same problem of wave particle duality as that in light at subatomic level, matter doesn’t behave alike at quantum level as that on macro level. We cannot observe and measure both position and velocity of fundamental particles simultaneously at subatomic level. It shows that matter doesn’t exist at quantum level as it exists on macro level, that means, all that we observe is effect of some unobservable real causes. It forced scientists to consider inferential argument as strong as direct argument, and that notion failed which said that since religious things are intangible which needs inferential argument, there is no need to believe in God and religion.

Limited Observations

Our quest for truth will go in vain if we don’t follow the absolute truth based on absolute knowledge of  God revealed by Him on His messenger. Our knowledge is little as our observations are limited, our knowledge gets evolved when we expand our observation, draw further conclusions on the basis of these observations and experiments. Earlier we could only see the visible spectrum of light, for human naked eye can perceive the wavelength of 390 nm to 700 nm but now with the help of sophisticated instruments we can detect other wavelengths of light also. As far as distant objects are concerned we could only see upto the distance of 2.6 million light years where Andromeda galaxy is located, but now with the help of hubble telescope we can see upto 10-15 billion light years away objects. These far regions are known as hubble deep field. The details I am mentioning are just to prove that we have expanded our observations based on which we have drawn some more conclusions, but still only 4% of the universe can be seen, 96% of universe is unseen, undetected, and uncomprehending. Moreover in terms of exploration we could able to explore only 1% of our solar system let alone the whole universe that shows how limited is our observation and how little is our knowledge based on it.

One thing that we should learn from the past is not to deny things which we are not able to comprehend today or which do not suits today’s prevailing notions, else we would become laughingstock in future when the things which we are denying get established. When atom was not discovered, Ludwig Boltzmann who had predicted the existence of atom was ridiculed to the extent that he committed suicide, and the prominent scientists of that time were brazenly divulging their ignorance by saying that atom doesn’t exist, if exist then show us one. People make similar statement on the existence of God today.

After the discovery of absolute zero of temperature in 1900, Lord  Kelvin stated that no new discovery is to be made in physics. The commissioner, US patent office had suggested to shut down the patent office as science has reached its dead end and no new patent would be registered. Then came the ‘miracle year’ of Einstein in 1905 with the theory of relativity that shook the very foundation of science and compelled science community to believe that we were in complete ignorance earlier.

This is the nature of animals to conclude only that little that it perceived, we humans can use our intelligence and the power of reason, we can make use of inferential arguments, we have the ability to infer things, we can conceive things which can’t be perceived, that’s why from the age old when there was little observation to the age when we have observed a lot but still little, there is majority of people who believe in God all through.

Why Islam is the only true religion?

Also, if we ponder we will find that there are so many things which are similar in major religions, including oneness of God, His messengers, noble personalities, concept of good and evil, life hereafter, moral teachings etc. This force us to believe that there must be one religion in the starting which generation after generation gets mutated, and then after that upgraded by God by sending his next messenger. There must always be a community which would be that rigid and hell bent over their older mutated and corrupted belief (corruption was not in the original religion, it gets mixed with it with passage of generation) that they had refused to accept the teachings of newly sent Messenger from God and that made their ways different which eventually gave rise to different religions. After that they also moulded the teachings of previous Messenger according to their own whims and fancies.

The reason behind why religion seems to be a lie is due to the fact that these people have presented religion before us in it’s impure form. While doing the sinister work of altering and contaminating religion according to their own carnal desires they also succumbed to various fallacies. It is mentioned in Bible that whole universe is made in 6 days and they referred to earthly 24 hour days. Quran also mention creation of the universe in 6 days, but nowhere in the Quran there is a slight indication that these were earthly 24 hours days, rather these days were cosmic days whose lengths are known to Allah only. Value of pi is also wrongly mentioned as 3, it claims heaven to have pillars and insects to have four legs. Similar errors are reported in yajurveda as bull has supported the sky, sun moves around the earth, earth is flat and static, in puranas area of earth is wrongly mentioned and it is recommended to look directly to the sun with naked eye. These all errors are due to the fact that these books are mutated. They are not in their original form.

The followers of Islam have toiled hard to preserve the words of God by memorising it. It has been memorised since the era of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) till date by huge number of muslims. Currently there are millions of memorizer (hafiz) of Quran, which is inexistent in other religions. Also the unique methodology of preserving the interpretation(hadith) of Quran, that is the complete encyclopedia of narrators, awareness about them, their criticism and praising is prevalent amongst muslims only.

Quran is the final revelation of God. The most updated version of His commandments to the dwellers of earth. His knowledge is not evolutionary, it’s absolute as he is absolute being, he has real existence not relative. He is the one who originated the whole universe. The materialists of 19th century claimed that universe exists in infinity, it has no beginning or end, it is not created, Immanuel Kant and Karl Marx were the staunch supporter of these tenets, but wall of their belief was collapsed brutally in 20th century with the advancement of science that asserts universe came into being with the huge explosion called big bang, it came into being from nothingness, in other words we can say it is created by God. According to mathematical physicist Paul Davies if the rate of expansion after big bang had differed by more than 10^-18(quintillionth of second) there would have been no universe. Apart from this there are so many fine tunings in the universe. The rate of expansion, the magnitude of four fundamental forces, the position of earth in our solar system, the peculiar nature of water at 4°C., the thickness of ozone layer, the angle of tilt of earth, all these things pointed towards intelligent design. We can’t dodge these things only by referring them to ‘anthropic principal’ or taking hideaway in labelling it as a coincidence or chance. The calculations of British mathematician Roger Penrose show that the probability of universe occuring by chance is 1 in 10^123 i.e 1 followed by 123 zeroes. That is more than total number of atoms in the universe, 10^78. In mathematics probability of 1 in 10^50 is termed as zero probability. Penrose’s number discards the belief of universe came into being by chance. Going by syllogism, every designed thing must have it’s designer, and we can see the great design at the level of both cosmic and quantum level. When we look up at the aeroplane flying in the sky, the thought come into our mind is the weight, thrust, lift and drag of aeroplane is calculated and it’s designer has designed it, someone is controlling it, can’t we infer the same thing after looking at the universe.

Some of the atheists heard the voice of their conscience and didn’t hide the truth which modern day science is unveiling. Antonio Flew, a philosopher who used to be an atheist but later acknowledge the fact of creation had to say that, Notoriously, confession is good for the soul, I will therefore begin by confessing that, the stratonician atheist has to be embarrassed by the contemporary cosmological consensus. For it seems, cosmologists are providing the scientific proof of what St. Thomas contended could not be proved philosophically; namely, that the universe had a beginning.

Absolute truth is sent by the absolute being having absolute knowledge for the guidance of mankind. The man who is given the place in this vast universe. Who is given the best suitable conditions for life on earth. Who is given the chance to upgrade himself to the most stable state in the place called jannah or paradise like every atom want to complete it’s octet or achieve the stable state. And to become nearer to the omnipotent being.

The final version of this absolute truth is sent by God to his Final messenger Mohammad (PBUH) whose arrival is foretold in all religious scriptures. He is quoted by name in song of Solomon; 5:16, verse 5 of bhavishya purana, sama veda, Gospel of Barnabas etc., I am not quoting the exact words for the sake of brevity. This absolute truth in the form of Quran doesn’t contain any error of any kind. Dr Maurice Bucaille, a Christian French physician said that I couldn’t find any error in Quran. Who could have told Mohammad (PBUH) except creator that heavens and earth have same origin as mentioned in Holy Quran (21:30) without any telescope that could trace cosmic background radiation, developmental stages of human being in mother’s womb without medical equipments as Quran refers to it (23:14). Also there are many aspects which you may come to know if you study Quran in it’s full context. Also comparative study of all religions, atheism, agnosticism will  reveal the truth.

Whenever ISRO or NASA discover some astonishing things they publicize it, Karl Marx, Democritus, Richard Dawkins, etc never shy away from propagating their ideologies, so why should we hesitate in enlightenment​ of masses with the absolute truth. By doing this we are not demeaning others, we are inviting them to accept true ideology which is not based on someone’s little experience and limited observations, but has sent down by the creator itself, which further helps mankind to create peace, justice and order on the face of the earth. To abolish all the turmoils which is seen in every nooks and corners of the world, created by the current unjust system in which people are deprived of basic health and education facilities, they are unable to meet their ends, millions of childrens are died every year due to malnourishment, millions of people are died in wars which are waged to establish devilish system in which the gap between the rich and the poor is becoming wider leaving no place for poors.

Islam is not just the name of rituals and festivities, which all other religions have reduced to, it is submission of will towards God. Amongst major religions, only muslims are strictly following in large numbers, teachings of their religion, though some are deviated from the path, one example of which I have given that the millions of memorizer of Quran are present today. It has codified all the laws regarding every walk of life, it has guided mankind in their each and every worldly affairs. Quran is the only book which is most compatible with the established scientific facts, theories may not come in that way. Quran has given the progressive views to the mankind based on which science develops, remember that muslims have laid the foundation of modern science. One can read about the contributions of Islamic scientists towards modern science during 8th to 13th century. Moreover, development of modern science only after the revelation of Quran indicates towards it. Quran  is the only book which is still relevant, it gives the complete just system from economy to polity, from public to private life.

The universal brotherhood can be achieved by propagating the absolute truth, by which people become conscious of God and start loving each other and will work towards the constructive ideas. People of the modern world should revisit their wrong decision regarding religion, and they should again think about it more deeply and earnestly before discarding religion and dubbing it as a lie.

Debunking veganism

After atheism, there is one more thing which is being adopted by modern human beings is vegetarianism. They demonize meat eaters, they regard meat eating as immoral. They think themselves of being champion of animal rights. 1400 years ago, at the time of ignorance, when Human beings were treated like animals, our beloved prophet Muhammad (PBUH) enlightened us about animal rights. Prophet said, “Do not overload the animals”. Imagine that 14 centuries ago when humanity was unaware of terminologies like animal rights and even the laws about animals came into being in 19th century, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) codified the animal rights back then. Even after the laws have been made in India, we see a lot of overloaded animal driven carts. He said further, “Do not ill treat them, do not tie and shoot them”. But as God created all of us, he allowed us to have their meat also, it is His dominion, He has full authority to legitimate or illegitimate, it is none of our business, He created animals for the benefits of mankind, Human beings have superior goal to please their lord and to create a just system on the face of the earth, animals don’t have such superior goals, they are not going to be resurrected on the day of judgement. He has made lawful to have meat of certain animals, but for that also He guided us on how we should slaughter them, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “When you slaughter the animal, see to it that the knife is sharp, so that the animal does not feel pain. Do not slaughter one animal in front of the other, Do not kill the animal twice”.

Islamic way of slaughtering the animal is most scientific and animal dies a painless death in it, ‘Zabihah’ practice is observed in Islam in which the throat, wind pipe and the vessels of the neck are cut without damaging the spinal cord, otherwise there will be a cardiac arrest as the nerve going to the heart may get severed. In this manner heart doesn’t cease to pump and most of the blood flows out of the body, which is a very good media of germ and bacteria. Most of the diseases transmitted by the blood can be prevented by slaughtering animals with the Islamic method. Blood vessels of neck are cut in order to stop blood supply to the nerves responsible for pain.The animal kicks and wither due to the gush of flow. The animal does not feel pain, contraction and relaxation of  muscles  is due to lack of blood in that part of the body. Moreover, it is also unlawful in Islam to inject a  cattle with carcinogenic hormones like ‘DES’ , Diacecerol Beseserol, in order to make more money as animal gets more flesh when injected with these hormones.

According to recent study, of all the mammals on earth, 96% are livestock and humans, only 4% of wild mammals. It gives us an insight, if we hunt unlawful animals, forbidden by God, they will become extinct, while lawful animals go on multiplication, you slaughter one and many will replace it, that’s how nature works, what we have to do, is to stop hunting unlawful animals, 300 wild mammal species in Asia, Africa and Latin America are being driven to extinction because they are hunting those animals which God has forbidden, we haven’t heard of such extinction threat for lawful cattles. We should not transgress the balance either by hunting unlawful animals or by stopping meat eating of lawful animals. Complete avoidance of meat eating will result in their overpopulation.

Indian statistics tell us that only 25% of cattles are productive, rest 75% are either males or passed the age of milking, Indian farmers practise agro-silvo-pastoralism, that is, they use the land for crops and trees as well as for livestock. Rearing unproductive cattles will be a burden on them. Experts have calculated that if the animals are fed properly and looked after well, it costs about Rs. 70,000 per animal per year.

Vegetarianism is a thing for rich people. They flaunt their status of being vegan. It has become a vogue, like having iPhone is a status, in India wearing nationalism on sleeves is trendy. But for poor people, they need to travail to feed their family for their survival. Selling livestock for meat stands in a good stead for farmers. It constitutes half of their income, depriving them of this practice is like robbing their money in broad daylight. Poor people also get a well nutritional diet in the form of meat as it fulfills the requirement of 8 amino acids which are not synthesized in our body. Animal protein is high quality protein, it is biologically complete protein, animal meat contains Hem Iron which can be easily absorbed by our body. In veg diet there is a problem of selectively choosing food in proper balance and closely monitoring it to get all the essential nutrients and to stay healthy, which is rather impractical for normal folks living in villages. I am not promoting Non vegetarian fanaticism that we  have to eat meat only, there should be a blend of these two, proportion of both can be varied according to their availability. Same with the vegetarianism as it sounds illogical to supply vegetables to Arctic circle, Tundra regions and desert areas.

Owing to necessity of meat eating, no major religion has put restriction on meat eating, be it Islam, Christianity or Hinduism. It is mentioned in Manu Smriti, the law book of Hindus, in chapter 5, verse 30, “The eater who eats the flesh of those to be eaten does nothing bad, even if he does it day after day, for God himself created some to be eaten and some to be eater.” Mahabharata Anushashan Parva chapter 88 narrates the discussion between Dharmaraj Yudhishthira and Pitamah Bhishma about what food one should offer to Pitris (ancestors) during the Shraddha (ceremony of dead) to keep them satisfied. Pitamah Bhishmah after suggesting him myriad of things eventually told him that  if you want to keep your ancestors satisfied forever, you should serve them the meat of red goat.

There are some people in India who don’t eat meat due to some religious obligations. They haven’t taken even a morsel of meat from their childhood, it’s easy for them to live on vegetables only as they are born and bred in such an environment. But for super tasters it’s very difficult to be a pure vegetarian. Even if they adamantly become one, they will end up being malnourished. A research team headed by Dr. Danny Cliceri of the Italian taste project have the similar findings.

Dr. Hal Herzog, a psychologist, after doing PROP  (6-7i-propylthiouricil)  test on several students found that 25% were non tasters, 50% medium tasters and 25% were super tasters. Many studies have now shown that sensitivity to PTC and PROP is highly related to the ability to taste a family of bitter compounds found in cruciferous vegetables called glucosimolates.

We will distort the world if we go out on the mission of making everyone a vegan. Human beings are designed in that way by the creator that they can eat both meat and vegetables, they are omnivores, they have canines to eat meat, and they have digestive system which can digest both meat and vegetables. The main problem is with excessive meat eating and inhuman industrial animal abuse, we have to sort that out. Otherwise we will see no stoppage in this mania of changing natural habits, now people are stopping from meat eating, next comes the vegetables as plants are also living beings,  Plants constitute 82% of total living mass on earth.

Some people argue that killing plants is a lesser crime as compared to killing an animal because plants do not feel pain. Today science tells us that even plants can feel pain. Human beings are unable to hear sounds that do not fall in the range of 20 Hertz to 20000 Hertz (20KHz). It was found that the cry of drought stricken plant was of the order of 100(KHz). There was research done by a farmer in U.S.A. who invented an instrument to hear the needs of Plants. Latest researches show that the plants can even feel happy and sad.

They further argue that plants have 3 senses and animals have 5 senses, so it’s lesser crime to kill plants. It’s completely lame argument as killing a person who is dumb and deaf is not a less dreadful crime. Even if some people discard it that plants don’t feel pain, as some do, then also, it doesn’t make sense to eat a brain dead man who also doesn’t feel pain. In fact this madness has been started in some part of the world. Take the Ethics Committee on Non-Human Biotechnology, for instance. This Swiss group recently came out in defense of plants in a report on “the dignity of the creature in the plant world.” They argued that plants deserve respect and that killing them arbitrarily is morally wrong.

Then this debate will further move on to killing bacteria which constitute 13% of total living mass. People will start advocating for the rights of bacteria, then we will no longer see Virendra Sehwag or Sachin Tendulkar as a brand ambassador of cleanliness, giving lectures on washing hands, rather we will see some aliens- because it is inevitable for dwellers of earth to wash hands- on TV asking not to wash hands as it will kill millions of bacteria.  Next come the rights of worm, ants, insects, then we will stop walking, driving, making excavations for construction purposes, even digging hole for vegetation and plantation as it will also proved to be lethal for worms, insects, etc. Then we have to stop using satellites and GPS system because migratory birds and honey bees going astray due to it, they often distract from their path due to interaction with our satellite and GPS system.

Each and every action is harming environment and other species in some way or other, despite of the fact that humans make up only 0.01% of living mass, so the only option we will be left with is to commit congregational suicide in the favour of 99.99% species. So we should stop this madness and should not force the people to leave their meat eating habits.

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