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Khadija! You are a great daughter of great Islam

Dear sister in Islam Khadija Bint A R Rahman!
Assalamu Alaikum
Some days back when you came on the stage and interviewed your father wearing Hijab proudly in a gathering where a number of so-called Muslims feel reluctant to practice the right things, there you proved that Islam lives in your heart. You are exceptional, you are a torchbearer in this challenging darkness.
The way you came on the stage and spoke to the audience was fantastic which really touched the string of so many hearts of the people who think and act justly, and who know the real meaning of freedom of speech and freedom to practice one’s faith and belief. You have become a role model for many of the Muslim girls all across the universe and you have proved that Islam can be practiced at any place and any time.
I know that many people could not digest you wearing the Hijab but I am glad that you proudly wear it, and above all it was your choice. Really it is a great choice which enables me to proclaim that you are a great daughter of Great Islam.
On the other hand, the message of your father that he pays the wages of the labourers on time and you quoted the Hadith of your Prophet and our Prophet Muhammad (saws) was a great message to deliver that cannot be easily done from a big platform like where you have been.
The time in which we have been living, this is one of the most painful problems of the labour class people that the owners and the employers usually don’t pay the wages on time. By quoting the Hadith you gave a strong message to everybody in the world, specially to the employers that they should pay the wages of the labourers on time which your father does regularly. Your message was marvellous which won the hearts all across the universe.
When the world saw you wearing Hijab many of the so called liberals screamed foul and they will keep crying foul but you should never bother and never mind as you are a great propagator of truth of the Islam.
We really felt the happiness emanated from your father’s face when he saw you in niqab on the stage and it was evident that he is feeling proud of you and you are a proud daughter of a proud father. A father’s pride should be enough to enjoy in this life and Allah’s pleasure should be enough to enjoy the permanent life in the Hereafter.
You clarified that intelligence lies in minds and not in veils, you proved that pardah and Hijab is nowhere a hurdle and hindrance in the path of success.
I hope that it will open the mind of the people who are really in the favour of freedom of speech, freedom of justice and freedom of religion.
I appreciate you from the bottom of my heart and I see in you a great preacher of Islam and a big daughter of the great religion of Islam and I believe that one day In shaa Allah you will become  a torchbearer for the Muslim sisters in the whole universe.
I congratulate your father too for his tarbiyah and getting a blessed daughter like you.
May You have a great future ahead, Aameen!
Wassalam and regards
One of your brothers in Islam
*Mohd Izharul Haque Qasmi*
*Lecturer*, Madrasa Arabia Qurania Etawah, UP
Date: 08 Feb 2019.

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