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Valentine’s Day, Why not to be celebrated?

Valentine’s Day, Why not to be celebrated?

Taha Jaonpuri

The Religion Islam has clearly stated its rules and regulations to be followed by its followers. So whenever any occasion occurs, the followers should get the information to act accordingly.

Thus, here is an occasion of Lovers across the world and that is known by “Valentine’s Day”. Surely it is a moment of love and affection, but why just on this day?

The love and affection must be offered, but to whom? Yes, it should be extended to mums, sisters and daughters, fathers, wives and so on. Islam has insisted to love and respect. There are many verses and narrations speaking about love to the mums, sisters and all.

Islam considers women priceless and matchless jewelry. As the jewelry should be hidden, in the same way, but more than this, a woman should be hidden and veiled. A woman should be put in oyster shell as the pearls and beads are put, due to being unparalleled and unmatchable thing. But alas: a huge amount of people is fascinated by the European Culture. Regardless of Valentine’s Day ancient history or whatever myth is behind this Day, we should not overthrow the Islamic ethos.

Reasons not to be celebrated Valentine’s Day:

(1) The Qura’n has forbidden wives of the Prophet to display themselves. “stay in your house. (but out of necessity they could go out) and do not make a dazzling expose (of your jewelry and ornaments) like the Period of Ignorance”.

So how it could be permitted to the followers to display themselves at this occasion.

(2) The Hadees (statement of the Prophet) says “Modesty is a great division of Faith” And it is crystal clear that a woman’s modesty at this occasion is torn apart into hundreds of pieces.

(3) A Hadees says “when you do not feel shyness, do at your will”. You see thousands of people do not feel shyness and commit a lot of mistakes, while it should not be.

(4) There is one more Hadess. “A woman is fully a body that must be concealed, when she comes out (openly) the rejected and accursed Satan snatches her”. So at this occasion a big portion of women comes out from their homes, while it should not be so.

Apart from these above mentioned reasons, there are many more reasons to avoid of celebrating Valentine’s Day. It is totally unwise to display and expose your modesty. What a moment of shame, when a woman’s modesty is taken away. Women should know that they are taken in by the European Culture. The women should love, of course, but their husbands especially. The chastity of women is all, but on this occasion, the perpetrators degrade them. The woman should save their chastity and should not let a wrong man to offer his love.

The new generation of Believers is at stake. They must take extra cautious steps to keep themselves out of this occasion. Islam has shown the way to love and its instructions are available. So they should follow.

May Allah guide us towards right path. May He save us from committing and sin. May He protect us from all sides to mistake. May Allah forgive All of us. May Allah make us good people. May Allah accept all of us.

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